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Who can apply? Organisations and individuals, who are involved in microinsurance, share the Microinsurance Network’s mission, are committed to actively participating in the Network’s activities, can apply for membership online. Your application, once complete, will be submitted to the Board of directors for validation. If you are not eligible to become a member, you can nonetheless participate to online debates by becoming a website user and contributing blogs, comments, and job postings.

The members of the Microinsurance Network are committed to actively contribute to the creation of public goods with the aim to promote the development of good value insurance services for low-income persons.

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Working Group participation

Members who would like to join a Working or Discussion Group should actively contribute to the group by drawing on their expertise to enrich and advance the work being carried out. This contribution can either be in-kind or financial. If you do not have sufficient time available at the moment to be active in a group, you can easily join at a later stage.

Visit the Working Group pages to learn more about their activities.

Membership fees
The Network’s institutional membership fee structure is based on an honour system and organisations are asked to classify themselves.
Note: Due to the high rate of outstanding individual applications, the Network requests that prospective individual members pay their 200,- EUR membership fee in advance. Once we receive your application and CV, we will contact you with payment details. If your application is not validated, we will provide you with a full refund.
Joining the network
Read the Bylaws here. Please note that only complete applications will be considered. The operational language of the Network is English and all exchange is carried out in this language.
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