Our mission

To achieve this mission we:

  • Distil and disseminate lessons learnt, promoting profitable, client-driven, good-value insurance
  • Raise awareness on the demand and potential for microinsurance among key stakeholders
  • Support the development of good practices for the industry

The Network's work is anchored on five strategic outcomes, considered key for the sector to reach its full potential:

Increased supply

A growing number of diverse providers offer a broader range of insurance services to an increasing number of low-income people. This is to be achieved by: Distilling and disseminating information on product design and development, identifying and encouraging different distribution and institutional models, as well as engaging insurance providers to recognise opportunities in the low-income market.

Improved client value

Low-income customers receive high-value insurance services. Such outputs include: Defining value and establishing a set of principles, indicators and tools for client value, collecting and filling knowledge gaps on issues that affect client value (i.e. impact and demand), as well as influencing the global research agenda to address these gaps.

Conducive environment

Relevant stakeholders at the international and national level stimulate the provision of insurance services and protect clients. This is to be achieved via the following outputs: Developing an understanding for promoting policy coherence at the national level, advocating the relevance of insurance within financial inclusion to global organisations, forming partnerships to optimise outreach and dissemination efforts, as well as supporting the regulatory framework for market development and consumer protection.

Enabling infrastructure

Appropriate infrastructure - information, technical assistance, payments and financial - is in place to support insurance providers and the emergence of effective insurance services to low-income populations. This is achieved through a number of outputs including the identification of skill gaps, the building of capacity in the insurance value chain, as well as the building of partnerships with stakeholders from corresponding industries.

Performing and sustainable Network

The Microinsurance Network is committed to being a financially sustainable and effectively managed organisation. To this end, the Network implements a fundraising strategy and adopts a result-oriented, adaptive management approach for all its operations.

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