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The Microinsurance Network is a multi-stakeholder platform, which promotes efficient microinsurance that makes a difference for millions of low-incomes families.

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Microinsurance Network Editorial

The Microinsurance Network provides you with the perfect opportunity to join a group of dedicated professional members to foster a positive environment for the sustainable promotion of microinsurance services.

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10th International Microinsurance Conference

Watch the video '10 years of making insurance work for the poor

or read the publication 'Making a difference' specially for the 10th anniversary.


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Working Group of The Month

Funder's Discussion Group news
The Funder’s Discussion Group has published "Exploring New Frontiers: the Potential of Impact Investments in Microinsurance", based on a survey of microinsurance investors and investees. The publication explores the state of impact investing in the microinsurance sector, landscapes the investments made till date, identifies challenges in the sphere and makes key recommendations to current and potential microinsurance investors.


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