June Member Meeting (JMM)

The Network's June Member Meeting (JMM) is the annual meeting for the members of the Network to gain insights into key areas of development in the sector, participate in discussions on topical issues in a relaxed and friendly professional environment, and connect and develop personal relationships with important players in the field. 

JMM 2017

The next June Member Meeting will take place 27-28 June 2017 in Luxembourg with the theme "The role of inclusive insurance in risk reduction". 

Previous JMM

The 2016 June Member Meeting “Development: A prerequisite for success in microinsurance?” brought together some 50 members of the Microinsurance Network including insurers, regulators, researchers and donor organisations to discuss current trends, emerging practices and new products in the microinsurance sector. The meeting was characterised by a range of speakers and presentation formats to facilitate engaging and thought-provoking discussions on cutting edge microinsurance topics including:

  • Financing risk reduction through microinsurance, with Toon Bullens, Juwon
  • Telenor and the Indian case study, with Richard Leftley, MicroEnsure
  • Is formalisation important for inclusive insurance? A debate between Hannah Grant, Access to Insurance Initiative, and Richard Leftley, MicroEnsure
  • Experiences from the field, with Peter Palaniswami, Shepherd, India; Gilbert M. Ruturutsa, ADED, Democratic Republic of the Congo; and Michele Grosso, Democrance, United Arab Emirates
  • Microinsurance business processes, with David M. Dror and Dr Swapna Jambhekar, Micro Insurance Academy
  • Index-based livestock insurance: Experiences from pastoral communities in Northern Kenya, with Hassan Bashir, Takaful Insurance of Africa
  • Benchmarking in microinsurance, with Bert Opdebeeck, Belgian Raiffeisen Foundation (BRS)
  • Why insurance matters but insurers don't, with Doubell Chamberlain, Cenfri 
  • Mobile insurance risk assessment and regulatory options in Ghana, with Branko Wehnert, GIZ
  • Migrant-linked microinsurance, with Barbara Magnoni, EA Consultants

The presentations can be accessed on the JMM 2016 webpage

For more details, download the reports below:

  • JMM 2016 (Pdf) - Development: A prerequisite for success in microinsurance?
  • JMM 2015 (Pdf) - Translating global policy into local action
  • JMM 2014 (Pdf) - Putting clients first
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