The Microinsurance Network is a growing platform of more than 70 institutional and 25 individual members from over 40 countries. To learn more about our members, please consult our member directory.

To help our members promote the development and delivery of effective insurance services for low-income people, the Microinsurance Network provides a platform for information sharing and stakeholder coordination.

Three reasons to join:

  • Influence good practices in microinsurance and focus on specific activities;
  • Enrich and share your knowledge within the Working Groups;
  • Engage with a global community of leading microinsurance experts.

The experience of sharing and working together is valuable not only for our members, but also creates knowledge to advance the sector as a whole. To learn more about the Microinsurance Network, watch the Network's video.

Join the Network in 2015!
The Microinsurance Network is now open for new membership applications. In 2015, the Microinsurance Network proposes two types of membership:

  • Institutional (from 750,- Euros to 2 500,- Euros); for organisations involved in microinsurance.
  • Individual (200,- Euros); for persons engaged in this field.

Please note that the institutional membership fees are based on an honour system and organisations are requested to choose their category. To learn more about how to select, please contact our secretariat.

Member value
The Microinsurance Network provides members with the unique opportunity to:

  • Influence good practices in microinsurance and focus on specific topics by participating to the working groups.
  • Receive invitations to member-only events such as the June member meeting, the member event at the International Microinsurance Conference, local member meetings and others.
  • Help shape the Network’s agenda by attending the General Assembly and taking part in the decision-making process.
  • Keep up-to-date on the latest microinsurance news through our weekly member information mailing.
  • Highlight your profile and activities on the Network’s website and in the member directory.

Who can apply?
Organisations and individuals, who are involved in microinsurance, share the Microinsurance Network’s mission, are committed to actively contribute to the creation of public goods and participate in the Network’s activities, can apply for membership online.

Your application, once complete, will be submitted to the Board of directors for validation. Membership applications are reviewed on a monthly basis.

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What our members say about the Network

Pranav Prashad, ILO's Impact Insurance Facility
Therese Sandmark, Grameen Credit Agricole Mifrofinance Foundation

Jennifer Hennig, GIZ

Disclaimer: Each member of the Microinsurance Network is solely responsible for ensuring the quality and sustainability of its microinsurance activities. Membership in the Microinsurance Network is not in any way an endorsement of individual or institutional members or their activities. Therefore the Microinsurance Network cannot be held liable in any manner for its members’ activities.