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New website from the MicroInsurance Centre

This newly developed website of the MicroInsurance Centre brings together a variety of microinsurance resources in a simple and comprehensive fashion, including documents, videos and interviews, a glossary and a map that features the various past and present projects of the MicroInsurance Centre.

MicroInsurance Centre

There is additional information on the Microinsurance Learning and Knowledge (MILK) Project, which is a three year initiative that aims to better understand the benefits microinsurance brings to low-income families and whether there is a real business case.

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ICMIF launches new microinsurance website

The new website aims to promote the activities of ICMIF members involved in microinsurance as well as highlighting the role of the cooperative and mutual movement in providing access to insurance for the underserved.

Publicly available content include:

  • The latest microinsurance news from the mutual and cooperative sector
  • Upcoming microinsurance events
  • Dedicated ICMIF publications such as Prosper and member case studies
  • Videos on member microinsurance schemes and interviews by the secretariat
  • Copies of insurance regulations applicable to member countries
  • Library of mutual/cooperative microinsurance publications
  • ICMIF services and activities in the area of microinsurance

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