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Seeking rapporteurs for the 7th International Microinsurance Conference

6th International Microinsurance Conference
6th International Microinsurance Conference in Manila, Philippines (Copyright © Munich Re Foundation)

Munich Re Foundation and the Microinsurance Network are seeking rapporteurs for the 7th International Microinsurance Conference, which will take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil between 8-10 November 2011.

Candidates should be PhD students, preferably with a focus in microinsurance, and have excellent knowledge of the English and Spanish or Portuguese language and good writing skills. As part of the rapporteur team, your responsibilities will include:

  • Write summaries for selected conference sessions;
  • Assist the facilitator during the session in case of any problems to ensure a smooth flow of the session;
  • Assist the editor with conference report.

Selected candidates will have their participation fees and accommodation costs covered by the conference organisers.

If you would like to work as a rapporteur at the conference, please submit your CV (in English) and at least one autographic work as a reference (ideally on microinsurance) to info@munichre-foundation.org

Report from the Microinsurance Learning Session in London

The British Actuarial Profession, together with the Munich Re Foundation and the Microinsurance Network, held the first “Microinsurance Learning Session” in London. The event’s objective was to reach out to actuaries by showcasing key developments in microinsurance and using content from the 6th International Microinsurance Conference.

Four billion people are estimated to be potential clients for microinsurance worldwide. The demand is huge but insurance penetration in the low-income sector still remains modest. Actuaries play a key role in assessing the risk of certain events occurring and in developing insurance policies.

Click here to read full summary and download presentations

Microinsurance Glossary for translations of English, French and Spanish terminology

A glossary of English, French and Spanish microinsurance terminology has been published by the Microinsurance Network. The aim of the glossary is to standardise translations of microinsurance terminology to facilitate consistency and understanding.

The glossary contains over 350 microinsurance and insurance terms and was prepared through consultation with insurance and microinsurance professionals, and language experts.

The document is currently in a PDF format but an Excel document can be requested to facilitate searching between the languages. If you require this, please email the secretariat of the Microinsurance Network.

Click here to download glossary

A Landscape Study of Micro Insurance Education

The Insurance Education Working Group of the Microinsurance Network, in collaboration with the Micro Insurance Academy and the ILO's Microinsurance Innovation Facility, have published a landscape study of microinsurance education.

A Landscape Study of Micro Insurance EducationThe objectives of this landscape study are to:

  • Take stock of what insurance education materials and approaches are currently available;
  • Identify existing gaps and some promising practices; and
  • Highlight some concrete areas where investment in insurance education can make a positive impact on the extension of microinsurance in developing countries.

Insurance education is a valuable and important activity because the lack of understanding of insurance and its benefits is a major obstacle to the expansion of microinsurance. Those who do not understand how insurance works are unlikely to trust it, and without an understanding of the benefits of insurance, people are less likely to see why the value proposition of insurance can be worth the money spent on it.

By creating awareness about insurance, families are at least given the option of adding insurance to their financial planning strategies. Insurance education is often considered an integral part of microinsurance schemes; a win-win solution that should add value to clients and providers, and contribute to good practices and consumer protection.

Click here to download publication.

Microinsurance Network June Member Meeting 2011

The Microinsurance Network held its second June Member Meeting in Königstein, Germany. This two day meeting, which took place between 28 - 29 June 2011 and had around 60 members participating from 32 organisations, aims to advance the agenda of the Network and map its future strategy and objectives.

The meeting, which is complementary to the International Microinsurance Conference, gave members an opportunity to meet and exchange with other Network members, work together on Working Group topics, and shape the Network's future.

A meeting report will be made available to members and other interested parties after the event.