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Third Party Administration In The Provision of In-Patient Health Insurance in India

Since 2000, the insurance industry in India has been liberalised to encourage development of the private insurance sector, and third party administrators have been licensed to handle administration within the healthcare industry. This has opened up the way to design inpatient products that are relevant to the poor, low cost, scalable, effectively managed, and transparent throughout the process.

MicroEnsure has partnered with SHARE Microfin a leading microfinance organisation in India serving over 1,700,000 borrowers; Medicare a Kolkata based third party administrator, and the United India Insurance Company to design and implement an in-patient health insurance product for the India micro market.

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Microfinance and Climate Change: Threats and Opportunities

CGAP Focus Note Nr. 53, 2009

This paper proposes ideas for what one can do to combat climate change at the household, microbusiness, MFI, and systemic levels with the aim that MFI managers will be inspired by some of the examples provided, some of which being related to microinsurance programmes.

Responses to climate change fall into two broad categories: mitigation and adaptation. Mitigation focuses on reducing the severity of climate change by limiting greenhouse gas emissions. Adaptation focuses on taking measures that help people adjust to changed conditions. Many actions, like promoting clean energy products and agricultural innovation, support both mitigation and adaptation.

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Boletin Microseguros launched

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