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Governments Support to Agricultural Insurance

The World Bank, 2010

The book "Government Support to Agricultural Insurance: Challenges and Options for Developing Countries" aims to inform and update the public and private decision makers involved in the promotion of agricultural insurance about the recent developments in agricultural insurance, with a particular focus on middle and low-income countries. It provides the decision maker with a framework for the development of agricultural insurance based on an analytical review of the rationale of public intervention in agricultural insurance and a detailed comparative analysis of agricultural insurance programmes with and without public support.

This analysis is based on a survey conducted by the World Bank's agricultural insurance team in 2008 in 65 developed and developing countries. It offers policymakers a review of public support in agricultural insurance in light of international experience and makes recommendations for the development of sustainable, affordable and cost-effective agricultural insurance programmes.

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Can micro health insurance reduce poverty? Evidence from Bangladesh

University of Sheffield, Economic Research Paper Series, January 2010

This paper, written by Syed Abdul Hamid, Jennifer Roberts and Paul Mosley, examines the impact of micro health insurance on poverty reduction in rural areas of Bangladesh. The research is based on household level primary data collected from the operating areas of the Grameen Bank during 2006. A number of outcome measures relating to poverty status are considered; these include household income, stability of household income via food sufficiency and ownership of non-land assets, and also the probability of being above or below the poverty line.

The results show that micro health insurance has a positive association with all of these indicators, and this is statistically significant and quantitatively important for food sufficiency.

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The landscape of microinsurance in Africa

ILO Microinsurance Paper No. 4, March 2010

Michal Matul, Michael J. McCord, Caroline Phily and Job Harms

In 2009, the Microinsurance Innovation Facility published, in its Briefing Notes series, the results of a study that revealed the current landscape of microinsurance in Africa. The study, conducted in partnership with the MicroInsurance Centre, identified over 14 million low-income people in Africa who were covered by microinsurance at the end of 2008, almost double where this figure stood in 2004. Even with such growth, substantial parts of the continent remain almost barren of microinsurance.

This paper is an expanded version of those briefing notes, presenting more detailed results of the study and setting them in context. Market opportunity and demand are covered in depth, along with the African regulatory environment and other important enabling factors. The current outreach of microinsurance in Africa, including insurers, products, and delivery channels, is then presented from a practice-based perspective, with case studies and input from expert practitioners. The paper concludes with a discussion of challenges that must be overcome in order to facilitate broader, high-quality expansion in the years to come.

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New approaches to social protection: Microinsurance

German Development Institute, Briefing Paper 8/2010

Microinsurance has become a very popular concept in the international development debate. It is an arrangement whereby the members pool their risks, but at contribution levels that even people on low and fluctuating incomes can afford.

Microinsurance schemes help to close the gap that the informally employed often face in the overall set of social protection schemes in developing countries. Compared to social insurance, however, they are only a second-best solution and should be used primarily when the state is unable or unwilling to extend social insurance coverage to informal-sector employees. In no case are they a substitute for social transfer schemes that support the extremely poor.

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5th International Microinsurance Conference report available

This report is the summary of the 5th International Microinsurance Conference that took place in Dakar, Senegal, in November 2009. During the event which was jointly hosted by the Munich Re Foundation and the Microinsurance Network, over 400 experts and practitioners from 63 countries discussed new approaches for the provision of affordable insurance products to the world’s poor.

One of the key objectives of the conference is the sharing of experiences across the different continents and discussing current practices and lessons learnt. This report summarises the main findings.

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