Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue on Microinsurance


The Pakistan economy expanded by 4.24% in the fiscal year 2014-15. Growth came from all sectors including agriculture, industry and services. One of the major tax sources is its industrial sector which produces 20.30% of the national GDP. Most low-income people in Pakistan, those working in the agriculture sector, as well as in textile and clothing are exposed to a number of life risk events. Specific MI products can manage the negative impact of unexpected incidents.

Livestock insurance for mobile herders in West Africa: Workshop Proceedings


This report explains the context in which the workshop was organised (Part 1) outlines the working schedule (Part 2), summarises the content of each introductory presentation used to open the debates (Part 3), and finally presents a synthesis of the debates held based on the key themes that emerged (Part 4), with when relevant, additonal elements of information to illustrate and support the discussion.

Global Mutual Market Share 2015


Now in its ninth edition, Global Mutual Market Share is a market intelligence report on the size and performance of the global mutual and cooperative insurance industry. This research by ICMIF features an analysis of the premium income, assets, investments and social data of over 5,000 mutual and cooperative insurance companies from 77 countries around the world.

Leaving Transferred Money on the Table: Will Remittance-Linked Financial Products Add Value to Development Financing?


For centuries migrant workers who send money home to their families have been a major source of inflows for developing countries. However, it is only in the past few decades that we have been able to put a number to these remittances. In some extreme cases, nearly a third of a country’s GDP comes from remittances. As a result, much has been written about the potential of harnessing these remittance flows for development purposes.

The ILO's Impact Insurance Facility Annual Report 2016


The ILO’s Impact Insurance Facility's Annual Report 2016 highlights their achievements over the past year. In 2016, the Facility started eleven innovation projects in sub-Saharan Africa – projects that are pushing the frontier by testing new ways for insurance to live up to its development potential. These projects are supported by a batch of Impact Insurance Fellows who are responsible for assisting their host companies in project implementation and documenting the emerging lessons and experiences.


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