Insights on Mobile Network Operators as a distribution channel for microinsurance in Asia


This report provides insights on Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) as a distribution channel for microinsurance in Asia. The study shows that there are an estimated 2.6 billion SIM cards activated through various carriers in the Asian region. Two Technical Service Providers (TSPs), BIMA and MicroEnsure, and eight MNOs, which carry out distribution of Mobile Microinsurance (MMI), were identified in the region.

The Landscape of Microinsurance in Sri Lanka


This report provides an analysis of the microinsurance sector in Sri Lanka with related data to the years 2013-2015. Microinsurance in Sri Lanka initially started as a service to support the microfinance sector, focusing on providing loan protection, insurance and life savings. The insurance business extended their services to provide welfare and health products to low-income people.

The State of Microinsurance 2016


This second edition of the Microinsurance Network's annual journal presents the insights and views of 22 experts in the field with regards to innovative developments in product design, distribution and regulation. Topics discussed include behavioural economics in microinsurance, the contribution of insurance to capital market development, and the possibility of benchmarking microinsurance based on key performance indicators. For the first time, the journal includes a debate which focuses on the role of private health insurance in achieving universal health coverage.

The Landscape of Microinsurance in Latin America and the Caribbean 2014


The 2014 installment of the World Map of Microinsurance programme's landscape studies focuses on the Latin America and the Caribbean region. An update on the 2011 Landscape of Latin America and the Caribbean, this study was produced to provide insurers with key data-driven insights and perspectives on the state of microinsurance in the region, and looks at trends in distribution, growth in the region, the focus on mass insurance and the business case.


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