Working groups

The Microinsurance Network is organised into groups comprised of Network members focussing on specific activities which advance the learning and distill good practices in key areas of the sector, in accordance with the mission of the Network.
The role of these groups is to:
  • Identify key issues and topics that need addressing
  • Exchange expertise and lessons learned
  • Generate knowledge and good practices
  • Reach out to key stakeholders and promote the adoption of these practices
The Network groups are organised as follows:
  • Working groups:  Work on a topic or an issue based on an annual or pluri-annual workplan and budget which is integrated into the Network strategic framework. Working groups work and implement specific projects or programmes.
  • Discussion groups: Address a topic or an issue through exchange of experiences and brainstorming on related questions. The result of these reflections can be published as articles or papers. However the implementation of joint project falls outside of the scope of discussion groups.
  • Task forces: Tackle a topic or an issue through a concrete project, which is driven by an intra-working core group. The group dissolves once the project has been finalised. Task forces occasionally also implement joint projects on a temporary basis.

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