DRAFT: "Pure" Intentions and Practice: Challenges and Good Practices in Consumer Protection in Microinsurance

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This paper explores challenges and good practices in consumer protection in microinsurance, defining “consumer protection” as the effective use of microinsurance products by low-income consumers to protect themselves against risk.

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Case study: Strengthening consumer protection in the South African microinsurance market

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This case study reflects on regulatory developments in the South African microinsurance market intended to better protect lower income consumers of insurance and extracts learning in this regard that can inform other jurisdictions embarking on a similar path. The study provides a snapshot of the existing microinsurance market in South Africa, taking into account the degree of financial inclusion, typical products and which entities provide them, and the regulatory landscape.

Risk, coping mechanisms, and factors in the demand for micro-insurance in Ethiopia

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This paper is the result of a policy study carried out for the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF), to determine how microinsurance can help Ethiopia’s poor become more resilient to negative financial shocks. The research focuses on the demand components of microinsurance, and investigates two main research questions: Do low-income households in Ethiopia need insurance? If so, would they be willing to buy it if it were made widely available?The study answered these two questions through a literature review and quali

Protection of the microinsurance consumer: confronting the impact of poverty on contractual relationship

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This paper provides a legal analysis of the contractual vulnerability of the microinsurance consumer and in so doing, studies mechanisms that effectively protect such a consumer. The microinsurance consumer is in a particularly vulnerable contractual position as consequence of his or her “poverty”.


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