GPFI priorities outlined for 2016

Thursday, February 11, 2016
Having assumed the G-20 Presidency for 2016, China released the Priorities Paper, outlining the key themes for the Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion (GPFI). There will be a special focus on five main themes throughout this year:
  • Digital Financial Inclusion, Innovation, Supervision and Regulation
  • Data and Indicators
  • Reaching the Last Mile: Rural Areas, the Poor, the Youth and the Elderly
  • Financial Consumer Protection and Financial Literacy
  • SME Finance: Diversified Financing Channels
The paper also outlined the dates for the Partnership's main events.
  • 1st GPFI Workshop |1-2 March | Shanghai, China
  • GPFI Plenary | 3 March | Shanghai, China
  • 2nd GPFI Workshop | 25-27 May (tentative) | Xi'ian City, China
  • GPFI Forum | 13-14 July | Chengdu, China
  • GPFI Plenary | 15 July | Chengdu, China
  • GPFI Standard Setting Bodies (SSBs) Conference | 26-27 October | Hosted by the Financial Stability Institute at the Bank for International Settlements
To read the full paper, click here.