MicroEnsure provides health microinsurance and help to small-scale farmers and businesses in Kenya

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

MicroEnsure's work in Kenya, such as the "Fearless Health" pilot which integrates insurance with other prodcuts designed to help customers get the inpatient and outpatient care they need without delaying treatment due to costs, or success stories of helping small businessmen restart their businesses that were damaged and lost due to catastrophic events, are being held up as examples of how mobile phone technology can facilitate the distribution of microinsurance.

Voice of America's article highlights the story of a small kiosk owner from Nairobi who lost everything in a fire. Due to his purchase of a MicroEnsure product, he was able to rebuild.

Meanwhile, CGAP featured "Fearless Health" as an example of how bundling different financial products could be used to experience the benefits of insurance without having to make separate costly insurance payments. By limiting the insurance component to inpatient care, while offering loans for outpatient needs, MicroEnsure could keep premiums low by reducing the high administrative costs associated with outpatient claims.