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The Microinsurance Network is a multi-stakeholder platform, which promotes efficient microinsurance that makes a difference for millions of low-incomes families.

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  • Establish better practices in microinsurance.
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  • Engage with a global community.


Microinsurance Network Editorial

The Microinsurance Network provides you with the perfect opportunity to join a group of dedicated professional members to foster a positive environment for the sustainable promotion of microinsurance services.

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Working Group of The Month

Social Protection Working Group news
The Social Protection Working Group published "The Role of Microinsurance in Social Protection: A Country Study of Vietnam”. The paper examines the role microinsurance could play in Vietnam if incorporated into a comprehenive social protection strategy, in order to extend coverage to vulnerable populations and improve benefits while supporting the Government's principles of universality, soldiarity, equitability, sustainability and promotion of individual responsibility.

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